Vermont Sunrise Blend

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Vermont Sunrise Blend

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Have you ever wondered what a professional coffee roaster might blend up to drink in the morning? Have you been looking for a blend with just a little more pizzazz? Well we're super excited to introduce you to our new Vermont Sunrise Blend! This coffee was born out of a desire to make a morning blend that we as roasters were psyched to drink every day and we believe we've hit that target on the nose. What better way to christen such a blend than by naming it after the state we love and are proud to call home.  So grab a bag, brew a cup, and look out your window to enjoy that reliable VT sunrise. Don't get to live in Vermont? Take a sip, close your eyes, and dream of our beautiful Green Mountain State. 


Geography – Central America, Africa

Preparation/Grade - Comprised of fully washed and naturally processed coffees, Fair Trade, Organic

802 Cupping notes – Soft cocoa, subtle fruit, nutty, sweet and bright