Our Coffee

It all starts with the fruit. Somewhere along the line a lot of people forget that coffee is produce. It’s not just some commodity that is bought and sold, manufactured and traded. It’s the fruit of an enormously delicate chain of events and it starts with the fruit of a small tree.
Well, it’s the seed of the fruit actually. Anyone who’s bought an heirloom tomato at the farmers' market can tell you that not all tomatoes are the same. That holds true for coffee as well. From the farm where it’s grown to the mill where the fruit is separated from the seed, to the ships that bring it here, each step requires delicacy and attention to detail.
Our first responsibility as coffee roasters is preventing flaws from occurring in this custody chain, and we take that responsibility very seriously. We work closely with growers and importers to guarantee that every coffee bean we sell is the product of diligence and care. We take the stewardship of this produce as a solemn task. After so much effort to get the coffee to our door we feel a great responsibility to do everything in our power to make sure that coffee is roasted to perfection. The way we see it each coffee we offer represents a journey, and we strive for a full expression of all the care and love that goes into that journey.
The roasting is our next responsibility, once we have those beans in hand. Every batch of coffee we get is test roasted and tasted numerous times to develop a roast profile that simultaneously highlights the strengths and nuance of the specific coffee while underscoring its regional characteristics. We never roast a coffee light or dark because that’s what we want to offer, we roast the coffee to it’s highest potential, and offer that. This is how we are able to ensure that each and every cup of our coffee is the very best of what that bean has to offer.