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We started life as a small cafe and roastery in 1998 called Capitol Grounds Cafe and Roastery. Since then our roastery has grown and our coffee is served across the state of Vermont under the name 802 Coffee. Capitol Grounds Cafe is still there however, right on State Street in Montpelier, VT just down from the Capitol. It's been a meeting place and local haunt for both visitors and locals ever since our humble beginnings. Come stop by Capitol Grounds, have a latte and a fresh baked pastry, catch up, and enjoy a taste of Vermont life.

Since our founding in 1998, 802 Coffee has been dedicated to bringing excellent coffee to the public. When Bob Watson first opened the small cafe, Capitol Grounds on State Street in Montpelier, roasting his own coffee, his mission was simple. At the time specialty coffee was mostly the purview of larger cities, and we sought to fill the gap.

In January of 2020, Julia Watson, Bob's daughter took on the role as owner of 802 Coffee and Capitol Grounds Cafe. She and the team at 802 Coffee are still dedicated to bringing you the very best coffee from around the world.

Every time we bring a new coffee into our roastery, Julia, Spencer, our head roaster, and Tonya, our certified Q-Arabica Grader complete a rigorous cupping process. We sample dozens of coffees from each region, deliberately choosing options that not only represent that region's expected flavor profiles, but that also bring something fresh and new. In this way we strive for each of our single origins to be exactly what you want while still surprising you. 

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