Honduras Marcala Manos de Mujer

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Honduras Marcala Manos de Mujer

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In late 2013 a group of women coffee producers in the COMSA organization in Marcala, Honduras started an initiative to improve their living and economic conditions. They named this organization “Manos de Mujer,” (Woman’s Hands), and in addition to producing excellent coffee they also diversified their crops to provide additional forms of income as well as for nourishment for themselves and their communities. Their aim is to “promote gender equality at the farms and throughout the country.” At 802 Coffee we are as proud to support their efforts as we are to offer their coffee. This honey processed coffee is grown at altitudes ranging from 1200 meters to over 1500 meters, and are dried on patios as well as raised beds. Our light roast Honduras “Manos de Mujer” offers notes of dark chocolate with subtle orange, honey sweetness, and a smooth, clean finish.

Geography — Marcala, Honduras

Cooperative — COMSA

Varietal — Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai, Typica

Altitude — 1220-1524 Meters

Preparation — Honey process, Raised Bed and Patio Dried

802 Cupping Notes — Subtle Orange, Dark Chocolate, Honey Sweetness, Clean Finish