Ethiopia Natural Sidamo

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Ethiopia Natural Sidamo

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For many years the Ethiopia Natural Sidamo has been one of our favorite coffees, and as a result has been a staple of our offerings. Don’t let this ubiquity fool you into thinking this is an average everyday coffee. From the SCFCU cooperative in the Sidama region of Ethiopia, the naturally processed, heirloom Arabica varietals that comprise this coffee provide a cup that can impress the most modern coffee aficionado while at the same time harken back to the centuries-old tradition of coffee cultivation and processing from the birthplace of coffee itself. The SCFCU cooperative union, founded in 2001, now represents over 47 cooperatives, comprised of more than 80,000 farmers. This coffee is fruit forward with notes of currant and blackberry, a bright front end, deep body, and a juicy finish.

Geography — Sidama Zone, Southern Ethiopia

Cooperative Union — SCFCU (Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union)

Varietal — Ethiopian Heirloom

Altitude — 1800-2200 Meters

Preparation — Natural Process (Dried in Fruit)

802 Cupping Notes — Fruit Forward, Blackberry, Currant, Bright, Deep Body, Juicy Finish