Ethiopia Limu Gera Genji

802 Coffee

Ethiopia Limu Gera Genji

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At the edge of the Belete-Gera forest, Kefyalew Deressa operates a washing station for over 200 smallholder farms.  His background in distributing ecopulpers, moisture meters, and raised bed covers give him the expertise to process exceptional coffees. Kefyalew's wet mill produces washed and natural coffees and has begun experimenting with anerobic style coffees. 

This natural process lot is predominately fruity. A compote of blueberry, strawberry, and raspberry compliment a delightfully thick and creamy mouthfeel We love the way we're reminded of blueberry cream cheese danish and the sweet, long finish is a joy. We're always up for a flashy natural processed coffee and this Gera Genji delivers in spades. 

Geography – Limu, Agaro, Ethiopia

Variety – 74110

Altitude – 2000 MASL

Preparation/Grade – Natural Process, Dried on raised beds

802 Cupping notes – Blueberries and cream, mixed berry jam, syrupy thick body