Colombia El Naranjo

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Colombia El Naranjo

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We're proud to announce this coffee is a 2022 Bronze Medal Winning Coffee in the Golden Bean Competition!

We're always excited to get mail from our friend Juan Carlos of Arango Speciality Coffee, and this year's samples from the Nariño harvest were especially fun. We were thrilled to purchase the entire lot of this Colombia El Naranjo grown by Evelio Bados. Evelio began creating his farm from the soil up over 35 years ago and the results in this cup are spectacular. This is our first white honey process (though many of you are hopefully familiar with our red honey process Costa Rica Aurora) and the fruity, sweet, clean notes really highlight Evelio's skills as a producer.  

For those of you that may need a refresher on honey processing, a white honey has roughly 80-100% of its mucilage removed (often through washing) leaving a thin layer of the sweet pulp on the bean. The beans are then dried on patios or raised beds to develop a sweetly complex and often slightly fruity cup.  In the El Naranjo we taste cherries, strawberries, delicate florals, and a tropical fruit salad mix of papaya, mango, and citrus. We love the complex acidity, medium body, and clean finish. But don't listen to me, you ought to buy a bag and find out for yourself!


  • Geography --Nariño, Colombia
  • Producer -- Evelio Bados and his family
  • Preparation -- White Honey process
802 Cupping Notes -- Floral, Sweet, Mango, Berries, Dried Papaya