Colombia El Balso Farm

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Colombia El Balso Farm

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This is our third year featuring this microlot from Antioquia. It is another stand out showing from Arango Specialty Coffee. El Balso is grown by Walter Vargas though it is a true family farm with everyone helping out with daily tasks. The farm is currently harvesting a little more than half of their coffee trees to focus on improving quality through selection and processing. We hope you enjoy the notes of caramel, lemonade sweetness, walnut, subtle chocolate, and clean finish of this  coffee. Great as a drip, iced coffee, or espresso, you can't go wrong no matter how you choose to brew El Balso.


  • Geography --Betulia, Antioquia, Colombia
  • Varietal -- Castillo Rosario, Tabi
  • Altitude -- 2,100 MASL
  • Preparation -- Washed, Sun Dried 
  • 802 Cupping Notes -- Caramel, Lemon Drop Candy, Subtle Chocolate, Sweet and Clean Finish