Costa Rica Aurora
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Costa Rica Aurora

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We're proud to announce this coffee is a 2022 Bronze Medal Winning Coffee in the Golden Bean Competition!

Back in the spring of 2016 we made our first trip to Costa Rica with the goal in mind of getting something truly special. We were delighted to find this instant favorite and purchased the entire lot. 
Since then we've met with Grower Juan Jose Araya Acuña both stateside and at his farm in the mountains to the west of San Jose. We got to tour his stunningly picturesque finca in the spring of 2018 incurring a dollop of jealousy from some of us who were slogging through what we lovingly refer to as 'mud season' here in Vermont. (I'm totally over it)

Juan Jose continues to fine tune the delicate honey process he uses to dry this coffee and the results keep getting better. This year the Aurora has a depth, creaminess, and dynamism has us super excited.

This may very well be the most versatile coffee we've ever carried. We've used it in our cafe as an espresso, as a cold brew, and is always a favorite when served as a drip. 

Geography – San Juanillo, Naranjo, Alajuela Province, Costa Rica

Contributing farmer – Juan Jose Araya Acuña and his staff

Variety – Caturra

Altitude – 4900 feet

Preparation/Grade – Honey process, sun dried on patios, micro lot

802 Cupping notes – Cane sugar and plum, dynamic, creamy with a sweet finish