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Peru Decaf

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Decaf Coffee gets a bum rap. It’s no wonder; so many coffee roasters treat Decaf as an afterthought, a chore, something they have to offer. But not us. Here at 802 Coffee we take pride in roasting and offering truly great decaffeinated coffees. One of our favorites is the Peru Decaf. Hailing from the Sol y Cafe Cooperative in extreme northern Peru, this decaf is vibrant and bright, with earthy notes as well as cocoa and spice. The Peru Decaf is certified Fair Trade and Organic, and like all of our decaf coffees, is water processed. Treat yourself to a great decaf. No, it’s not an oxymoron.

Geography — Cajamarca, Peru

Preparation/Grade — Fully washed, decaffeinated via water process, Fair Trade, Organic

802 Cupping Notes — Vibrant, Bright, Subtle Earthiness, Cocoa, Spice, Clean finish.