Colombia Pink Bourbon

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Colombia Pink Bourbon

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This gem comes from our friend Juan Carlos of Arango Speciality Coffee.  From Finca Pedregal in the Nariño region of Colombia, this coffee showcases the hard work of farmer Menardo Diza. It's always a special treat to taste when a farmer is able to select for a specific varietal and if you aren't familiar with the Pink Bourbon this coffee is a great way to say hello.  The Pink Bourbon is a cross between the Yellow and Orange Bourbon and is known for it's sweetness and pinkish-orange fruit color. 

In this washed processed coffee we tasted tropical fruits, strawberry, blackberry, and juicy melon. It has a lovely delicate floral aroma and the cup showcases a tart and vibrant acidity. 


  • Geography --Nariño, Colombia
  • Elevation -- 2160 MASL
  • Producer -- Menardo Diaz
  • Varietal -- Pink bourbon
  • Preparation -- Washed, sun-dried
802 Cupping Notes -- Pineapple, berries, tart, sweet & vibrant acidity