Peru "Las Damas"

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Peru "Las Damas"

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Cooperative Agraria “Frontera San Ignacio” was established in 1969. This cooperative works to empower and promote women in coffee in both farming all the way through to the sensory quality of the coffee. In 2016, a committee of women was created by the cooperative and they are responsible for distributing loans which will enable producers to improve their own land while also taking part in new developments for their kitchens, crafts and livestock. "Las Damas" or, the ladies, are always managing new projects and developing new ways to improve the lives of their families. 

We hope you'll enjoy this pleasantly balanced cup with notes of chocolate and praline. The creamy, smooth finish is a dark roast lover's treat!

Geography – Cajamarca, Peru

Cooperative/Contributing farmers – "Las Damas de San Ignacio", COOPAFSI

Variety – Catimor, Caturra, Typica, Mundo Novo

Altitude – 1500 to 1750 meters above sea level

Preparation/Grade – Fully washed, patio dried, Fair Trade, Organic

802Cupping notes – Chocolate, praline, creamy, smooth finish