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Zambia AA

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Our first foray into coffee from Zambia was met without any expectations (high or low) and a lot of curiosity. Located just west of Tanzania and Malawi (two countries more well known for coffee production) Zambia often seems to slip under the radar in the coffee world. So you can imagine our surprise when we cupped samples from this land-locked country for the first time and found them to be incredibly lively, dynamic, and multi-dimensional. The Zambia AA we fell in love with is Black Honey processed with a bright front end, rich body, and exceptionally clean finish. We found notes of Raspberry and Lime Zest in the front end, rounded out by Dark Chocolate notes throughout. Grown in Zambia’s Northern Province at elevations of 1300-1400 Meters, this Estate coffee is a welcome addition to our family here at 802Coffee. Try a bag today!

Geography — Northern Province, Zambia

Grade — SHG, Grade 1, AA/AAA

Altitude — 1300-1400 MASL

Preparation — Black Honey Process

802 Cupping notes – Raspberry, Lime Zest, rich body a clean finish