Sumatra Mandheling

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Sumatra Mandheling

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This classic Sumatran coffee, in a year that has been difficult for Sumatran coffees, stood out to us as an absolute must-have in our line up. Grown at elevations of 2500 to 5000 feet on the volcanic slopes of Mount Leuser in the Balak region of Sumatra, this coffee is processed using the uniquely Sumatran method known as Giling Basah, during which hulling (the process of removing the final layer or “parchment” above the bean itself) occurs at around 50% moisture content, whereas most coffees are hulled at 10-12% moisture content, and then hand sorted three times over to make sure that there are no defects in the beans. The result is a classic Sumatra character in the cup: low acidity, earthy, and a thick syrupy body. We get all of these notes as well a pleasant nuttiness, and a wonderfully long, creamy finish in our medium roasted Sumatra Mandheling. Sound good to you? It does to us too. This coffee does not disappoint!

Geography — Mount Leseur, Balak, West-Central Sumatra


Varietals — Catimor, Typica


Altitude — 2500 - 5000 feet


Preparation — Giling Basah (wet hulled)


802 Cupping Notes — Earthy, Nutty, Sweet, Syrupy Body, Creamy Finish