Papua New Guinea Kange Talu

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Papua New Guinea Kange Talu

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Here is a fantastic example of a coffee that can surprise you. As Papua New Guinea is part of the chain of islands that make up Indonesia, one may expect there to be some similarities with coffees of that region; earthy like Sumatra, a bit funky like Sulawesi or Java with heavy, syrupy body. PNG has other plans for us adventurous coffee lovers, however. Unlike most of Sumatra or Sulawesi, this coffee is fully washed. Unlike Java, it’s comprised of varieties prevalent throughout Central America. Combine these factors with the rugged terroir and climes of far-east Oceana and you’ll get some rather interesting results. Great coffees from PNG can be sweet while also savory, clean, complex and just downright fascinating to explore.

Geography – Western Highlands of Papua New Guinea, Mount Willhelm, Talu Wet Mill, above the town of Banz

Cooperative/Contributing farmers – Kange cooperative

Variety – Bourbon, Caturra, Typica

Altitude – 4900 feet

Preparation/Grade – Fully washed, sun dried, grade A

802Cupping notes – Dark chocolate, hints of black pepper, cherry tomato, clean