Costa Rica Higueron Natural

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Costa Rica Higueron Natural

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Here's the alter-ego of our other Costa Rican micro lot. Purchased on the same trip to origin in the spring of 2016, this 802 exclusive coffee is an exceptional naturally processed lot from Costa Rica's Central Valley. Dried in the fruit coffees can often be much sweeter and heavier, and this one certainly fits that bill. Whenever we have the Higueron on the cupping table, there's a lot of talk about "red berries floating in hot chocolate topped with whipped cream." If you like that sort of thing the same way we do, try this coffee.  

Geography - San Miguel, Santo Domingo city, Heredia province, Costa Rica

Cooperative/Contributing farmers - Coopelibertad RL

Variety - Caturra, Catuai

Altitude - ~3900 feet

Preparation/Grade - Natural process, sun dried, microlot

802Cupping notes - Big, silky body, fruit forward, strawberry, milk chocolate, sweet cream