New Crop Girma Eshetu Is Here!

“The first thing that you need to know about the titular Girma Eshetu's farm is that it's a touch remote. Three hours on a horse remote, in the far west of the country. To be fair - the horses were tiny and didn't love big ol' Americans on their backs. Still - it's at least 1.5 hours on horseback - even for an Ethiopian. Luggage comes via donkey, meandering through the Keffa forest. Picture narrow dusty roads, switch backing through rolling mature forest, with a 150ft canopy above, complete with the occasional family of colobus monkeys. You pass seedling nurseries, cross streams, the whole thing; it’s one of the most beautiful coffee settings you can imagine.”
This is the first hand account of Ben Heins, trader for Crop to Cup coffee importers and all around wonderful human, during his visit to the estate of Mr. Eshetu this winter in 2017. The journey is worth it; this coffee has immediately become a favorite here at our roastery, and will likely become your new favorite too! Unlike the classic Yirgacheffe character that often shows lighter body with bright and quick acidity, this coffee boasts a delightfully resonating acidity with a deep, juicy body. Layer after layer of fleshy tropical fruits and honey sweetness unfold as the cup cools and you’ll wish your mug really was bottomless. To our friends and partners at Crop to Cup, we thank you for all of the great work you do and for introducing us to this outstanding coffee.