Nicaragua Segovia

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Nicaragua Segovia

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Our Medium Roast Nicaraguan offering comes from the Segovia Mountains in western Nicaragua. The Central Multiple Service Cooperative, or PRODECOOP, represents over 2,300 small farmers who grow this fantastic coffee. In recent years, the cooperative has been assisting farmers identify the highest quality coffees in order to increase the income of its farmers. It shows in the cup. Varietals of Bourbon and Caturra are fully washed and sun dried, translating into notes of Green Apple and Caramel, with a bright front end leading into a creamy body and a clean finish in the cup. The exceptional balance of this coffee is a testament to hard work and dedication of the farmers and millworkers. We have found that this already wonderful coffee continues to improve, crop after crop.

Geography — Segovia Mountains, Nicaragua

Cooperative — PRODECOOP

Varietals — Bourbon, Caturra

Altitude — 1250 Meters

Preparation — Fully Washed, Sun Dried

802 Cupping Notes — Caramel, Green Apple, Balanced, Clean Finish.