Organic Ethiopia Light Roast Coffee

802 Coffee

Ethiopia Keffa Girma Eshetu

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This is some of the most interesting Ethiopian coffee we've ever found.

When we first brought this coffee in it quickly became one of our favorites. Every year this coffee unfolds in new and exciting ways with clearly defined flavors and a surprisingly developed body.

Boasting more complex and varied fruit notes and a thoroughly delectable body, this coffee is an intriguing departure from what one might expect of a coffee from this region. This is an Ethiopia that instantly gratifies and at the same time invites a studied meditation on it's more subtle charms. A cascade of nuance and flavor unfold as you drink this cup while it somehow displays outstanding intricacy; all without becoming too dense or muddied. 

I'm not just blowing smoke, this coffee is legit.

Geography – Bita Genet district, near the village of Amecha Mechata, Keffa zone in western Ethiopia

Contributing Farmer – Girma Eshetu and his staff

Variety – Jimma research varieties 74110, 74112

Altitude – Between 6400 and 7000 feet

Preparation/Grade – Fully washed, sun dried, grade 1

802 Cupping notes – Ripe Strawberry, Raspberry, Subtle Citrus, Floral, Complex, Juicy Body, Clean Finish